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Elios Training in Chicago

Our Team went down to the Windy City to partake in the newest drone that's hitting the market like a tornado. We spent an entire day going over the flight controls, maneuverability, and systems of this new UAV that for our current customers has been a game changer. How much money does your company spend a year in confined space rescue or even man lifts just to get a better view of something that's just out of reach? With our Elios we've been able to help customers inspect crane rails, confined spaces, and see things they never thought possible. With a 16" manhole we can send in the Elios and utilize our 1080p HD camera with LED lighting for those dark crevices or we can turn on the thermal imaging camera and see what no one else can with the naked eye. Send us an email today and we will set up a meeting to show you the systems of this new UAV that is rapidly becoming a game changer for our customers.