Drone Services, LLC was built on safety, so what better way to help our customers manage and mitigate risk at their facilities than to offer them this service!

Since the owner Mr. Hulwick came from an occupation that himself performed these hazardous and dirty tasks, he was very excited to start offering this service to customers in the summer of 2018 after many hours of training for the team. Since the inception we have been able to help our customers from many different industries utilize this service to mitigate human risk, reduce downtime, lower cost and receive better usable data needed for making those detailed decisions on their reliability and maintenance needs with pictures, videos and thermal imaging.

From your tanks, stacks, silos & bins to chemical columns, limekilns and dryer cans. If your company has a need or an idea you would like to run by us we would love to hear from you. This also helps us grow our services to better assist our customers.




Contact Drone Services today to see “What we can do for you” on setting up a confined space inspection that is 100% safer and more cost effective for your company’s budget.

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Drone Services will help you set up a facility and pipeline data collecting maintenance program to fit your needs. Using one of our state of the art drones suited with our thermal detection camera we will help pinpoint gas leaks from a safe distance. All areas, valves, piping and scrubbers can be GPS coordinated for immediate assistance by the facility crews. We can 3D map facilities before, during and after construction projects. Check encroachments and vegetation growth on right of ways and pipeline cooler units for obstructions. Get high resolution pictures and videos of whole facilities for scheduling maintenance projects. All done while your facility stays up and running. Your engineers or inspectors can work side by side with our pilots to check questionable areas or the information can be uploaded from the comfort of your office.

Contact us today to see "what can we do for you" on setting up a Drone Services maintenance program that will be safer, better and more cost effective to your company.



Drone Services industrial data collecting provides a safer, better more cost effective way for your company to comply with regulatory inspection requirements. With our UAV's maintenance program we will help eliminate the need for physical inspections on dangerous, hard to reach areas. Facilities in most cases will be able to stay up and running while getting the information needed for repairs and eliminating the great risks of injury that come with these inspections. With our state of the art equipment your flare stacks, towers, and silos can now be inspected by your engineers or inspectors in detailed HD video and pictures up close and personal, while our pilots are in flight or the downloaded images can be reviewed later at your convenience.

Contact us today to see "what can we do for you" on your projects and maintenance needs. Let us help make them safer, better and more cost effective for you.


Drone Services data collecting uses state of the art technology and software to better monitor and measure areas of Landfills, Mining and Construction projects. By using our 2D and 3D modeling methods with GCP (ground control points) we are able to bring you GPS locating, distance measuring, area measuring and stockpile measuring in a safer, better, more cost effective way for your business. Our customers are able to see fill elevations, contours, erosion or problem areas, cell capacity or plan for next generation cell placement. Drone Services will help you eliminate the risk having to put workers or surveyors in harm’s way while your equipment stays up and running. Your engineers or inspectors can work side by side with our team and all data will be confidentially stored as you would prefer. Then you can share with colleagues to help your company make sure it is complying with all government regulations and requirements.

Construction teams will be able to keep up to date on project progress and monitor the materials on site for ordering. This is great for your business, being able to show clients that might be in another town or state the progress of their project and will help with sales of your future clients coming in to see your work.


Deer Habitat and Food Plots

This falls under Mr. Hulwick’s passion of bow hunting! We are excited to announce that Drone Services is partnering up with Black Sheep Outdoor Services to help raise the bar on improving your deer habitat and food plot needs. We are currently working with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and average outdoorsman like ourselves that want to start bringing in and keeping deer in our own little hunting property paradises. Do you want to start growing bigger racks and seeing better quality deer roaming your property? Of course you do!!

We’re not gonna lie to y’all, Sean is the expert here on getting the best results for your hunting habitat needs. We are just having a blast flying the drones for him and learning the process he uses to map out and improve your land quality for deer habitat.

 From improving and adding bedding areas, planting amazing food plots to stand placement and erecting, Sean offers a consulting services or full on start to finish land clearing, brush cutting, trail making and food plot planting service. This guy does it all to make sure you get the most for your hunting pleasure for years to come. Time is short and so is the season so hunt hard and hunt smart!


You can contact Drone Services for information or connect with Sean direct by click on the Black Sheep Outdoors Services link below.