Drone Services data collecting uses state of the art technology and software to better monitor and measure areas of Landfills, Mining and Construction projects. By using our 2D and 3D modeling methods with GCP (ground control points) we are able to bring you GPS locating, distance measuring, area measuring and stockpile measuring in a safer, better, more cost effective way for your business. Our customers are able to see fill elevations, contours, erosion or problem areas, cell capacity or plan for next generation cell placement. Drone Services will help you eliminate the risk having to put workers or surveyors in harm’s way while your equipment stays up and running. Your engineers or inspectors can work side by side with our team and all data will be confidentially stored as you would prefer. Then you can share with colleagues to help your company make sure it is complying with all government regulations and requirements.

Construction teams will be able to keep up to date on project progress and monitor the materials on site for ordering. This is great for your business, being able to show clients that might be in another town or state the progress of their project and will help with sales of your future clients coming in to see your work.


Contact us today to see "what can we do for you" on setting up a Drone Services maintenance program that fits your needs safer, better and more cost effective for your company.