My background stems from twelve years in construction, eleven years as a firefighter, and ten years in the oil and gas industry.  With a mind on safety, a passion for helping others, and a desire to improve and eliminate challenges industries face everyday, I set out to educate myself on these challenges and find a way to help industries do jobs safer, better, and in a more cost effective manner.  With long hours of research, determination, months of trial and error, and a support team like no other, Drone Services, LLC was born.  Built on safety, innovation, and integrity.

Today I am living my dream by helping industries achieve their goals safer, with a growing technology that is more cost effective than the traditional methods.

Welcome to our journey!




I am a nurse by profession and have dedicated 26 years of my life solely to the medical field.  So you may be asking yourself, “What in the world is a nurse doing in the drone industry?”  Well, my connection with helping to develop, and co-own/operate this business was sparked by my love for my entrepreneurial husband and the desire to keep him and others like him safe.  When John first began exploring the benefits of drones to keep people safe at work I thought, “How in the heck can a drone keep people safe?”  At that time John was working in the gas and oil industry and as a volunteer firefighter.  I had heard over the years many stories of workers who had died or were seriously injured from falls from heights or performing duties surrounding dangerous substances.  So as we ventured on it became obvious to me, wife of someone in the industry, how many businesses truly need a company like ours in their toolbox, for the sake of their employees.  And there my passion grew.  The skills I bring to the team are devotion to wellness and safety, dedication, drive, 15 years’ experience managing and developing staff, hiring, firing, developing and maintaining policies and procedures, and organization.